Goodbye Project Euler

A group of friends and I have been working on project euler for about a year now. I learned a great deal from this fantastic project, and it was the first time I was able to get a real handle on Haskell. Project Euler taught me make. It taught me better performance reporting techniques, honed…

rand() Considered Harmful

Stephan T Lavavej (STL) is a tactical speaker. In a short amount of time he convey's essential accurate information which is immediately applicable. In this talk at Going Native 2013, STL takes 20 minutes to teach us how to properly use random numbers in our programs:

Simplicity Does Matter!

I'm been sitting this draft for too long, but before I started my research experiment with Haskell I was looking for a language. I was approaching an AI class for my graduate work, and thought I'd learn Lisp, or at least a lisp.  Clojure was hot, and new (read shiny), so I dove into learning about…